We are a cross community, cross gender organisation, giving equal prominance to all individuals in our team.  We welcome applicants from all corners of Northern Ireland.  Our gig Cwch John Kerr is based at Antrim Boat Club on Lough Neagh and travels to regattas and other maritime events in Ireland and further afield.
Dedicated to education through the medium of the sea​

​Part of the philosophy of the educator Kurt Hahn was that young should train 'through and for the sea'.  He described the sea as his 'sternest schoolmaster, unforgiving of mistakes' and said that it gae 'greater exercise of the thinking faculty'.  With this in mind, Atlantic Challenge crews are trained and a team selected for the next contest of seamanship.  Every two years gigs from all over the world are brought together in a different host country for a week's friendly competition.



2018 International Contest Hosts
Northern Ireland won the bid to host the International Contest of Seamanship in July 2018 where  http://antrimboatclub.co.uk  will be the home for the Contest. Lough Neagh will will lend itself to the crews from across the world to provide a great contest including sailing, rowing, jackstay transfer, navigation and much more. Being at the edge of Lough Neagh will allow for a great view for the spectators. ACNI is very excited to be the international hosts and have the opportunity to share our local surroundings with friends from across the world.               2018 International Contest Hosts

Out of the water for winter
We have taken the gig out of the water for the winter.  Cold hands on an oar is no fun for anyone.  During this time the gig will have some minor repairs done and hopefully a lick of paint so grab your paint brushes.
ACNI welcomes new crew all the time and are keen to grow the organisation.
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