Welcome to Atlantic Challenge Northern Ireland. It’s our great new adventure in creating our own presence.  We can keep you all informed about past, present and future events.

Our patron Dame Mary Peters with the crew

Part of the philosophy of the educator Kurt Hahn was that the young should train “ through and for the sea”. He described the sea as his “sternest schoolmaster, unforgiving of mistakes” and said that it gave “greater exercise of the thinking faculty” With this in mind, Atlantic Challenge crews are trained and a team selected for the next contest of seamanship. Every two years gigs are brought together in a different host country for a week’s friendly competition.

In 1985 the first boats were built in the USA and France.  The next step was to participate in the first ever International Contest which took place in New York in 1986.  The following Contest in 1988 doubled in size welcoming Ireland and Denmark.  As the years have past Atlantic Challenge International has grown accepting countries from all over the world to be a part of this organisation.