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The Northern Ireland Gigs
The Northern Ireland gig Harmonie was launched at its home by Dame Mary Peters in 2003 at Antrim Boat Club.  In the past the Northern Ireland crew made up almost half of the UK crew at contests.  In Finland, 2008, Northern Ireland as granted full status and sent a full crew and Harmonie tot he International Contest, Midland Canada in 2010.
We are a cross community, cross gender organisation, giving equal prominance to all individuals in our team.  We welcome applicants from all corners of Northern Ireland.  Our gig Cwch John Kerr is based at Antrim Boat Club on Lough Neagh and travels to regattas and other maritime events in Ireland and further afield.  

Anyone can can take part in the Atlantic Challenge programme and experience the fun of working the Northern Ireland gig 'Harmonie', under sail and oars.  

Dont let lack of experience stop you from getting involved.  One of our aims is to introduce complete novices to the sea.  Discover your inner strengths and become part of a successful team. 

'Harmonie' casts a spell over all who sail in her.  With her long waterline of 38feet, she regularly reachers speeds in excess of 10knots, making her an exciting boat to sail.  All crew members are issued with life jackets and are trained by experienced coxwains.  Safety is of paramount importance to our organisation.  Through training sessions the crew will learn and teach new crew members how to row, navigate, tie knots and preform manoeuvres under sail and oar.  The team skills you learn through Atlantic Challenge will be of benefit in many of aspects of life
In 2014 Atlantic Challenge Northern Ireland expanded to having two gigs.  The 'Cwch John Kerr' joined the Antrim fleet and again we were joined by Dame Mary Peters to bless the gig as she took to the waters of Lough Neagh.  The Cwch John Kerr together with the crew in 2014 travelled to France for the International Contest and again to Denmark in 2016.

The Big Launch

The launch of Harmonie and the relaunch of Cwch John Kerr both took place at their home at Antrim Boat Club, Lough Neagh.  On both occasions we have been joined by our patron Dame Mary Peters and the Mayor of the local council.  Harmonie was launched in 2003 and the relaunch of Cwch John Kerr was in 2014.

Harmonie launch, March 2003

Cwch John Kerr relaunch, May 2013

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