How Atlantic Challenge International is structured

  1. President of ACI
    Henning Risch-Jensen is President for ACI. He is the trustee from Atlantic Challenge Denmark and has been involved with AC for many years now. After hosting the contest in Denmark 2016 his experiences are greatly valued within ACI.
  2. Secretary of ACI
    Jane Kerr is the secretary of Atlantic Challenge International. Jane is also the Trustee for Atlantic Challenge Great Britain.
  3. Events Chairman
    The events Chairman is Diarmaid Murphy who is also the Trustee for Ireland. As head of the events committee he oversees the running of the Contest events ensuring the event keeps traditional standards, seamanship, knowledge of the water and most of all safety.
  4. Events Committee
    The events committee is made up of past crew members or host country Trustees. They are the people who run the events at the contests following the events manual. They will oversee the crews are provided with a exciting contest.
  5. Trustees
    The Trustees are the host countries representer. They will attend meetings in the host country the year before the contest and have all the relevant information. They will discuss and decide on aspects of the organisation keeping everything up to date.
  6. Host Countries
    The host countries are the countries that have been granted membership to ACI. Once a country has received membership they can participate in contests and other events along with the rest of the countries who are members of ACI.
  7. Crew Members
    ACI would not be successful without the crew. Countries have different selection processes for the International Contests however AC welcomes everyone to come along and be part of this fantastic organisation.

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